Inherited - In Development

To undo the curse that plagues the women of their motherline, a woman and her estranged Puerto Rican grandmother embark on a spiritual journey through the hidden worlds of Santeria and Espiritismo secretly practiced in Chicago.

Selected for the Columbia University Blue List 2019.


It’s Not About Love - In Development

CAROLINA, an ambitious Brazilian girl finds herself back in her hometown of Niteroi, Brazil - a town she thinks is only good for its view of Rio de Janeiro. When her college boyfriend proposes, she heads back to the US on a fiancé Visa only to find that he has moved to his hometown of Hoboken, New Jersey - a town she thinks is only good for its view of New York City. Before she can settle in, her fiancé breaks off the engagement. With less than 60 days left on her fiancé Visa, Carolina has to find a new way to stay in New York and follow her dream.


Family Medicine - Pilot Script

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, a single mom and fiercely independent “by the books” Puerto Rican doctor has her life turned upside down when her brujo father moves in and begins to practice his own type of family medicine. 

Awarded Faculty Honors at the Columbia University Film Festival Screenwriting Competition 2018

Photo by J. Wakamaya Carey 2017

Photo by J. Wakamaya Carey 2017

A La Tumba - In Development

Set in Cuba in 1958, when the country is on the brink of revolution, a tenant farmer's wife and her pre-teen daughter discover the depths of their bond by what they do to protect one another. Their shared secret is one they will take to the grave.


American Thief - Post-Production

A teen hacker seeking revenge for his father's murder gets caught in the darker elements of the deep web. 

American Thief is a feature film developed by NoPORT Films, Written/Directed by Miguel Silveira, Written/Produced by Michel Stolnicki, and Co-Written by Missy Hernandez. 

Grantee of the Jerome Foundation NYC Film and Video Grant 2016. Selected for the 2017 IFP Narrative Completion Lab. 

Photo by J. Wakamaya Carey 2016

Photo by J. Wakamaya Carey 2016

Photo by Zach Sullivan

Photo by Zach Sullivan

Leonard Peres - Short Film

Leonard Peres is a Cuban-American professor teaching a class on Latin American history at a university. In the middle of his lecture on the Cuban Revolution, he suffers a stroke. While his physical self remains in the classroom surrounded his students, his spirit goes elsewhere. Straddling this strange place between life and death, as he  searches for the one thing that calls him home.

Directed and Edited by Missy Hernandez. Written and Produced by Suzanne Correa Andrews. Leonard Peres screened at CineFestival 2015, Cine Las Americas 2015, and the International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival 2014.


Still - Short Film

Still is a short film about a young couple struggles to reconnect after the loss of their baby. Written, Directed, and Edited by Missy Hernandez in her first year of graduate film school, Still screened as part of the 2015 California Women's Film Festival and inspired Missy's feature script Inherited.

Photo by Hernan Jimenez

Photo by Hernan Jimenez