BUds of May MISSION: 

Buds of May cultivates content for the stage, screen, and new media, fostering original works that unearth and illuminate the extraordinary complexities of ordinary lives. The company’s chief focuses include emboldening tales of women and girls, a dedication to diversity, and works that honor and explore the wide spectrum of life experience.

Aligning talent with concepts, Buds of May breathes life into untold everyday stories, growing them into high-grade theatrical and cinematic productions that inspire, empower, amuse, and defy. 

About Buds of May:

Missy Hernandez and Chloe Lenihan founded Buds of May based on a mutual fascination with storytelling,devotion to seeding and growing original work, and the cosmic coincidence of being born in May with the sun in Taurus. 

The founders convened in Bill Esper’s class at The William Esper Studio in New York City, where their shared love of acting budded into a flourishing partnership producing, writing, and directing new works. In the autumn of 2012, they began their graduate studies at Columbia University School of the Arts MFA Film Program - Hernandez in Screenwriting/Directing and Lenihan in Creative Producing - and are now in preparation for their thesis projects.

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